Special Projects

Special descending weldmesh panels

Weldmesh panels of system FORTE-SLOPE allow simple fencing sollutions for descending terrain - without making steps in he fence. Maksimum terrain descending +/- 30 degree.

Corner connection

Corner fixing clamps are used to make corner connection with each degree and allow iverting the fence without using a post.

Concrete elements

Prefabricated concrete elements are installed instead of full concrete foundation. It will be used for fence type FORTE and PIANO. We offer concrete elements with heights 200 i 300 mm.

Bended weldmesh / bended posts

Bended Posts - 2 or 3 rows of barbed wire

Post type Y - 6 rows of barbed wire


Download technical documentation:
Special solutions - flyer *

* in order to open PDF files a free software Adobe Reader will be required, which can be downloaded in polish version 5.05 here (13,7 MB) or from manufacturer website Adobe